A 30 level gravity action. You pilot a ship on construction sites and throw cargo at trucks to load them. 


Keyboard only. 

B, ESC or Backspace key to return to a previous screen or exit a level.

In menus: Arrow keys and Return. 

In game: A - rotate ship left, S - rotate right, K - thrust, L - release cargo. These keys can be configured in KEYS submenu.


Load all trucks in a level with cargo within the 180 second working shift without crashing the ship or other unfavorable events occurring. Cargo is picked up by flying the ship over a dispenser. Once the cargo is hooked, you load a truck by releasing the cargo and hitting the truck with it. To throw cargo utilize the hammer throw principle. Different techniques are possible: Hurls, hook shots or balancing cargo at the tip of the ship.


The game requires a WebGL capable browser.

This game expects to develop some skills and the difficulty level is nasty. Learning curve is steep, even the first levels are challenging. 

You can play the levels in any order.

The ingame music track is selected in OPTIONS - TUNE.

An Android version is available in a bundle of three games:


Level 1:  The ship cannot pass the white/red striped barrier, only cargo can. First practice flying around (using A,S,K). Next fly over the dispenser (green circular object) which hooks cargo to the ship. Fly some half circles and watch the cargo gyrating. Next eject the cargo with L, watch its flying path. Pick up more cargo and hurl it towards the trucks beyond the barrier. If you loaded them all with cargo, congratulations, you developed some necessary skills.

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