A 30 level gravity and hammer throw challenge influenced by Thrust and Space Taxi. Actually only some physics of Thrust reappears in it but the game is completely different, more kind of minigames with large variety (just like Space Taxi).

Keyboard only controls:

Use B, ESC or Backspace key to return to a previous screen or exit a level.

In menus: Arrow keys and Return. In game: A - rotate ship left, S - rotate right, K - thrust, L - release cargo. These keys can be configured in KEYS submenu.

Your mission: Load all trucks in a level with cargo within the 180 second working shift without crashing the ship or other unfavorable events occurring. Cargo is picked up by flying the ship over a dispenser. Once the cargo is hooked, you load a truck by releasing the cargo and hitting the truck with it. To throw cargo utilize the hammer throw principle. Different techniques are possible: Hurls, hook shots or balancing cargo at the tip of the ship.

The game requires a WebGL capable browser. Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Chrome tested to work.

This version (2.3) is named "anniversary" because the game is now nearing its 5 year anniversary of existance and I did some updates: Wrote new music for it (replaced the existing), level 28 got a "do not cross tape" at its borders and the rendering was optimized.

The ingame music track is selected in OPTIONS - TUNE.

An Android version is available in a bundle of three games:


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Published 2 years ago
AuthorOliver Benedens
Average sessionA few minutes

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