A sunny day at the beach. Sandcastles were built and now two tasks remain to complete the work:

1. Dig water channels such that each castle is on its own island.

2. Put all seastars in the water by digging water channels at their positions.

The playfield is a 8x8 grid. Outside this grid is water. You slide around geometric shapes. Where these shapes cover sand the digging takes place. A level is solved, if through the current diggings, the tasks 1 and 2 are fulfilled. Then, where the digging tapped water, the channels are filled.

Note that you do not see the effect of the diggings until a solution is achieved.

Please read the description of rules in the game (HELP from main menu). You also find the rules on the games homepage.


You move the digging tiles by mouse or touch. You click/touch them and flick them in the desired direction. The game cannot be played with keyboard.

In a level, at the bottom of the page, there are three icons to be clicked/touched: Exit the current level, reset the current level and take back a move.

For navigation in menus following keys are supported:

left cursor key - left in menus
right cursor key - right in menus
up cursor key - up in menus
down cursor key - down in menus
Esc or B - back (in a level it aborts the level)
Return - selects in menus or if nothing to select back


Some levels have only one solution, other levels have multiple solutions.

Find below also an Android version which is just the web version wrapped utilizing crosswalk (therefore quite large memory footprint). Requires Android >= 4.4 to run.

Published Apr 19, 2016
PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Made withPixiJS
Tagsbeach, brain-twister, flooding, logic-puzzle, sandcastles, seastars, shells, sliding-tiles
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


sandcastles_armv7.apk 33 MB

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