An assistant of Santa Claus was in a hurry delivering presents and lost some of them in the woods. Now Santa Claus must fix it and regain the presents himself, either by driving over them or bumping into parcel carrying grinches. Do not collide with trees, snowballs or empty handed grinches.

In later levels trailers are tucked to Santa's sledge which aid in picking up parcels but make collisions with trees or snowballs more likely.

The counter in the upper left denotes the number of parcels that still need to be picked up. The compass below it points to the nearest parcel.

The help menu in game describes keyboard and touch controls.

Keyboard Controls

left arrow key - steer sledge left / go left in menu
right arrow key - steer sledge right / go right in menu
up arrow key - go up in menu
down arrow key - go down in menu
Esc or B - back (in a level it aborts the level)
Return - selects in menus or if nothing to select back

Mouse/Touch Controls

Click menu items. To leave a level click "exit" field in upper right. To steer left, touch in lower left half of screen, to steer right touch in lower right half of screen.


Webgl capable browser (falls back to canvas if required), preferably play the game in fullscreen.


No grinches are harmed in this game. Bumping into them merely sets them off balance, giving Santa Claus opportunity to take the parcel from them.

This game is joint work of Oliver Benedens, Frank Skrozki and Uwe Schäfer.

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