A 47 level puzzle game about hosting a peace conference attended by ill tempered aliens. Assign each of them a chair in the conference room such that no one is neighbor of a disliked one (chair rules) and certain aliens sit together at each table to achieve an overall pacifying effect in the room (table rule). In some levels your are assisted by a staff of therapists which can keep aliens in check even when chair rules are violated.

All mouse/touch controls. Press EXIT field in upper midst to return to previous screen (or use B or ESC or Backspace key). Read rules by selecting RULES from main menu or, in a level, by selecting document icon in upper right.

There are three tracks for ingame music which can switched in OPTIONS menu using the MUSIC button. If you do not want to hear my compositions (:-)), select the "<SILENCE>" track.

You can also find the rules on the games homepage: www.beppigames.de/peaceconference

An Android version is available in a bundle of three games:


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Published 2 years ago
AuthorOliver Benedens
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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