+++ Update 25/11/2016: Added new brain and speed levels system +++

+++ Update 31/10/2016: Added a 2 player mode +++

You play a game of 5-a-side soccer either in singleplayer or in 2 player mode for 2x90 seconds.

There are 24 levels in total to accommodate more users.The system is as follows: You select one of 4 "brain" levels and one of 6 "speed" levels. The former means the quickness of "thinking" of the AI, the latter the speed of running. The second setting also affects the shot speed. Note that the opponent AI as well as the user supporting AI both use these same parameters.

The game can be played with keyboard or with gamepads. The controls are as follows (alternatives separated by comma):

Back to title screen: B, Backspace
Menu select/Next screen: Return, Space, Joystick1 Button1
Menu navigation: Arrow keys, Joystick1
Player1 shoot: X, Y, Z, M, Plus, Joystick1 Button1
Player1 move: Arrows keys, Joystick1
Player2 shoot: Left shift, L, G, Minus, Joystick2 Button1
Player2 move: WASD keys, Joystick2

The brain and speed levels are adjusted with left/right movement/arrow keys.

There are 8 movement directions. So with keyboard for diagonal movement you press two keys: Up or down AND left or right.

There is no configuration required to use one or two gampads. Just connect them. If problems reload the game in browser or connect gamepads before loading the game page.

A WebGL capable browser is required. Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Chrome tested to work. Recommended to play in fullscreen.

The author was influenced by International Soccer (C64) and RealSports Soccer (VCS 2600).

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