You play a game of soccer as red squad against the CPU controlled blue squad for 2x90 seconds.

There are three AI levels (1-easy, 2-standard, 3-advanced). Press 1 or 2 or 3 on the title screen to start a match with the respective level.

The game is keyboard controlled. The keys are listed on the title screen.

There are 8 movement directions. For diagonal movement you press two keys: Up or down AND left or right.

There is also experimental support for a gamepad. Just connect it and it may work (first pad, first three buttons are shoot, next and back). It worked fine in tests with an XBOX 360 wireless and logitech precision pad on Linux and Windows 10 (tested with firefox). On OSX the logitech malfunctioned.

A WebGL capable browser is required. Firefox and Chrome tested to work. Recommended to play in fullscreen.

The author was influenced by International Soccer (C64) and RealSports Soccer (VCS 2600).

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Published83 days ago
AuthorOliver Benedens
Tags5-a-side, ai, c64, football, international-soccer, realsports-soccer, Retro, simplistic, vcs2600
Player countSingleplayer

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