You play a game of 5-a-side soccer for 2x90 seconds, in singleplayer or 2 player mode. Now there are a number of different game modes to choose from:

1. Tournament: You select the game speed from 3 levels, then one of 16 nations and play a tournament against other CPU controlled nations, starting from the quarterfinal. The tournament is won if you win the three matches. Then a celebration follows. Note that there is no penalty shootout in this game and a draw counts as a defeat in this mode.

2. Friendly match: You select the game speed from 3 levels, then your team and the CPU opponent from 16 nations.

3. Singleplayer: You play against the CPU. In this mode you select 1 of 4 brain levels and 1 of 6 speed levels (=24 levels in total). The selected levels apply to both teams.

4. 2 player: You play against another human in local multiplayer. As in singleplayer you select brain and speed levels. It is recommended to use two joysticks when playing this mode.

The brain level is the rate at which the CPU (opponent as well as the user supporting AI) makes decision. Speed means the running and shot speed.

The game can be played with keyboard or with gamepads. The controls are as follows (alternatives separated by comma):

Back to title screen: B, Backspace
Menu select/Next screen: Return, Space, Joystick1 Button1
Menu navigation: Arrow keys, Joystick1
Player1 shoot: X, Y, Z, M, Plus, Joystick1 Button1
Player1 move: Arrows keys, Joystick1
Player2 shoot: Left shift, L, G, Minus, Joystick2 Button1
Player2 move: WASD keys, Joystick2

The brain and speed levels are adjusted with left/right movement/arrow keys.

There are 8 movement directions. So with keyboard for diagonal movement you press two keys: Up or down AND left or right.

There is no configuration required to use one or two gampads. Just connect them. If problems reload the game in browser or connect gamepads before loading the game page.

A WebGL capable browser is required. Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Chrome tested to work. Recommended to play in fullscreen.

The author was influenced by International Soccer (C64) and RealSports Soccer (VCS 2600). The celebration is a homage to International Soccer.

Hint: This is a fast game. If you want to practice at slow speeds choose the singleplayer where you can tune down the speed level (running mouse icon). Alternatively select slow game speed in friendly match. To get the slowest experience there, select teams which play rather slow, e.g. Hungary vs Austria.

An Android version is available in a bundle of three games:

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