Curse Of Zipfelmuetz

Free your cats in this medieval 6 level jump and run involving witching and broom riding. Exploration, retries and thinking required.


This game is controlled keyboard-only.

Move around and Menu Navigation: Arrow keys or WASD

Jump or any other action: X or M. You will have to find out by yourself what other actions are possible.

Proceed in menus: Return or Space

Admit defeat in a level: P. To return to title menu press P again.

Must Read

1. The Trespassers Guide (second option in title menu) contains some hints.

2. You can start the game from every level and therefore practice it  by pressing left/right keys at first option in title menu. You may want to practice broom riding by playing level 6 or 3.

3. You can admit defeat in a level run by pressing key P. You can return to the title menu by pressing key P again.

The ultimate goal is to solve all levels in succession. You must start in level 1 for this. If you succeed, there is a small (happy)ending telling you how the events further develop.


Its the time of the dark and ugly middle ages. You, young and energetic witch Joanna, were lucky cause you live in the kingdom of Zipfelmuetz which is not so dark and ugly at all, its secluded and even picturesque.  You live happily together with your 50 cats. Now and then you generate a ruckus in your operations as if you wanted to qualify for enemy of the state, which earned you the nickname "Curse Of Zipfelmuetz". But your heart is in the right place and the other citizens are fond of you.

One morning you find your cats gone. Rumor goes these were snatched by magicians and held hostage in the Magical University Of Zipfelmuetz. Those high nosed snobs and mad bureaucrats ! You were cross with these as long as you can think back  and now they seemingly found spell testing subjects in demand. Time to put your ruckus generating skills to work, shake up that university and free your cats ! 

The following night you embark on a rescue mission...

Find some more info (about tools, libraries, SFX, speech, music) and a hintbook at

Published May 17, 2018
Release date May 17, 2018
Tagsbroom-riding, jump-and-run, magicians, Medieval, pumpkin, retries, spirits, thinking, witchcraft, zipfelmuetz
Average sessionA few minutes