A downloadable Game Bundle for Android

This is a bundle of three Android games I created. These are the newest (so called DX) versions. You get them in form of three APKs in a zip. Note that the html5 versions of those games are also on itch.io. Find the links next.

1. Schubi: Gravity challenge in spirit of Thrust and Space Taxi.


Requires Android version >= 2.2. Supports touch and keyboard.

2. Hyperactive Soccer: A fast run and gun 5-a-side soccer with challenging AI.


Requires Android version >= 2.3. Supports keyboard, gamepad and touch. It does NOT include a 2 player mode as the html5 version, only the SINGLEPLAYER modes. Also note the game was not designed for touch, which means you should play it with keyboard or gamepad. If you insist on touch you may have to reduce the game speed.

3. Peace Conference: A puzzle based on the four color theorem about politics in the far future.


Requires Android version >= 2.2. Only touch supported.

Find descriptions (rules), screenshots, videos on the games homepage: www.beppigames.de

Install instructions

Unpack the archive. Then sideload the APKs. Minimum Android version requirement is 2.2 for Schubi and Peace Conference and 2.3 for Hyperactive Soccer.


beppigames_android_anthology_1_1.zip 24 MB